Printing and publishing services

We work to strengthen the status of the institution locally in the field of publishing research, studies, textbooks, specialized, translated, cultural and scientific messages that contribute to the achievement of a distinct knowledge society.


Alwaha group for Education &Training since its establishment has sought to be a premium academic publisher for the excellent scientific and intellectual production for all scientific and literary sections of the affiliate members of educational and research institutions in various scientific degrees, such as faculty members, researchers and graduate students to help them to achieve leading scientific stature to the university locally and globally.

We are working in Alwaha on the strengthening of the Foundation position locally in the field of publication of research and studies, specialized, localized, and cultural textbooks and scientific messages that contribute to the privileged knowledge-based society, through the provision of all publishing services in cognitive and academic field of educational institutions and other with high quality standards and using the latest publishing techniques.


Publishing services


We provide special services to international companies and NGOs, and we support emerging teams, small companies, government agencies and educational institutions